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Check out our 2019 PEBA Forum Sessions - Innovation


Innovation Morning Breakout

Session Name: ARE YOU READY?!? 
Session Time: 10:45am 
Session Speakers:

  • Dominic Micali, Senior Advisor 
  • Mark Rieder, Head of Innovation, NFP Corporate Benefits

Session Description:

Technology is moving today at a pace that is as fast as we have ever seen and as slow as it is ever going to be.

Although Insurance and Human Resources have been somewhat of a laggard when it comes to the adoption of technology, times have certainly changed with new products and solutions entering the market on a daily basis. Every aspect of a day in the life of a Human Resource professional is impacted by this onslaught of technology.

But what’s driving this change? Advancement in Technology? Shifting Demographics? Need for more Employee Engagement? Margin Improvement? All of the above? Join this session as we examine the forces driving such change and the impact of technology and innovation in Recruiting, Human Capital Management, Benefits Enrollment, Disease Management, Mental Wellness, and much more.

Innovation Afternoon Breakout

Session Name: The Return of Management by Objectives (MBOs) to Replace Annual Performance Reviews
Session Time: 2:00pm
Session Speaker:

  • Michael Maciekowich, National Director, Astron Solutions

Session Description:
There has been growing interest in eliminating annual performance reviews, but alternatives have been less than satisfying. This program will explore the return of "Management by Objective" coupled with basic concepts first explored in the "One Minute Manager." 

Takeaways include: 

  • Understanding why annual performance reviews are failing.
  • Detailed review of current client alternatives that are working.
  • Review of current experimentation in finding alternative to the annual review process. 

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